About AnCom AS

AnCom AS is a Norwegian company located in Grimstad. The company was founded in 2003.

A part of Norway’s long commitment and tradition of support NATO as a partner and as a trusted technology supplier to the US Military.

Specializing in low-profle antennas through groundbreaking R&D and patented technologies.

A dedicated R&D and technology company focused on developing and exploiting a breakthrough technology in the feld of antenna design.

What are AnCom Antennas?

Low profle antennas that are crucial for many military applications.
Enjoys the greatest advantages for frequencies below 500 MHz.
Antenna sizes typically 25% of a traditional quarter wave antennas.
Tested and proven to frequencies down to 30 MHz.
Potentially even antennas for ELF bands of 3 to 30 Hz.
Extremely low profle, very durable and robust.
Nearly symmetrical omnidirectional broadcast profle.
Above 900 MHz, traditional antennas are already short enough, negating further advantages of AnCom antennas.

How do AnCom Antennas work?

A small housing contains a core of ferrites; an antenna wire wraps outside the ferrite core, reducing straight line lengths.

The antenna wire instead wraps around a ferrite core as a coil; this is encased in outer shielding for durability.

A coaxial feeder is located at the bottom of the antenna three or four turns from the base to match to 50 Ohms impedance.

The end of the antenna coil serves as a ground.

The higher the ferrite permeability, the shorter the antennas; thus, AnCom utilizes high permeability ferrites.

Waterproof and solid naturally by design.

Other Major Advantages

Tested and demonstrated performance in urban areas where other antennas cannot communicate; the AnCom antenna enables communications in urban environments where others fail.

Tested and demonstrated in caves and on rocky hillsides and in the mountains, where the AnCom antenna performs despite the issues faced in communications with blocked lines.

Does not easily break; if a break happens it is easily detected; normal whip antennas are easily damaged and conceal breaks in welds, springs, and other components, rendering communications impossible when damaged in combat.

AnCom antennas are easily swapped in seconds at the radio.

Potential Applications

  • Data Communications Radios, Handheld or Vehicle-mounted
  • Military SAR Radios
  • ELT (Electronic Locator Transmitter) and “Black Box” applications
  • Special Forces / SEAL Teams
  • ELF Submarine Communications
  • Data telemetry for aircraft, rockets, and vehicles
  • Fixed frequency communications,
  • UAS and UUS
  • Autonomous System Data Reporting
  • Guided Munitions Control and Telemetry

Many, many more – AnCom’s antenna technology can potentially
apply to all applications that are not wide band.


Ancom AS c/o Prokurist AS
PoBox: 6718 St.Olavs plass
0130 Oslo

+47 906 89 903